by Ritvik Varghese

How we crafted the benchmark for Gen Z design

The 8 second-generation

Gen Z's attention span is around 8 seconds, but it keeps getting shorter. Design, therefore plays a crucial in retaining and engaging their attention.

No matter the result, our product design never went unnoticed.

Designing for Gen Z

Here are Ripen's key takeaways from designing for over 50,000 Gen Z users:

Aesthetically crafted experiences

Don't make the mistake of serving up simplistic designs and stereotypical imagery.

Your design must aesthetically narrate a story or emotion with digital fluency and exceed their expectations for a high-quality experience.

Bold & eye-catching visuals

Playful backgrounds

Modern nostalgia


Striking visuals and elements

Specific Colours

Gen Z responds strongly to bright, vibrant, and in-your-face hues like hot yellows and oranges, vibrant purples, bright reds, and teal blues.

These colors tell a playful story, one that brings us back to our childhoods, and the joyfulness of creative expression.

Quick and unpredictable tempo:

This generation is constantly stimulated.  The result is that they decide really quickly if something is important and are not prone to brands that cannot keep up with their pace.

The best approach to create quick and unpredictable experiences. Fast-changing images, short videos, a visible point, and vibrant color combinations.

Snazzy typography

This younger generation has no hangups about material that gets playful with type. Indeed, it’s often the case that the bigger and bolder, the better.


Work with us

Use striking visuals, snazzy typography, and candid photography to capture Gen Z's attention and keep them connected. Embrace interactivity: Incorporate a personalized touch in your designs.

Gen Z craves engaging digital experiences, from social media to gaming. If you want to craft a design that GenZ will adore, reach out to us:

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