Ripen - Terms of Use.

As a gesture of appreciation, here's a one-liner description of Ripen’s Terms & Conditions: To establish what you can expect from us, as you use Ripen’s services, and what we require from you. We urge you to keep on reading, as it's vital that you know, understand and comprehend our terms and conditions (“T&Cs”).

These terms govern your use of Mizu Technology Pvt Ltd’s product Ripen, including its features, apps, services, technologies, and software we offer, except where we expressly state that separate terms (and not these) apply.

General Terms 📖

These general terms provide the outline of your access to the weblink: It consists of the mobile application (available in Android and iOS) by the name of “Ripen"(collectively, “Platform”, and all mini-links within). It also covers the use of Services (as defined below) provided to you, “Company”, “We”, “Our” and “Us” as the context may require). (“You”, and “User” as the context may require) (as specified beneath) by Mizu Technology Private Limited (Ripen).

What do these terms provide?

The Company reserves the right to vary and revise the T&Cs. They may do so by posting the revised terms on the Platform. It may happen without prior notice sent to the user. Besides these terms, we also publish a Privacy Policy, and additional service-specific T&Cs, including those from third parties for using our Services.

What Services, you ask? We provide a broad range of Services, including our app (available in Android and iOS) and our website ( ). Although we permit you to use our Services, we retain any and all intellectual property rights we have in the Services.

‘You’ and ‘Us’ 🤝

As part of our endeavour to provide you with the best and updated Services, we continuously strive to improve them. Occasionally, this means we add or remove features and functionalities; increase or decrease limits to our Services; start offering new Services or stop providing old ones. If we make any material change(s) that negatively impact your use of our Services, we will provide you with reasonable advance notice. This is to make sure that you are not caught off-guard during such rare instances, you can also expect an opportunity to export your content from your account on our Platform. The permission we provide you to use our Services continues as long as you meet your responsibilities. One of which is ‘follow appropriate conduct’ – which essentially means to create and sustain a respectful environment for everyone using the Platform. If you find that others aren’t observing the rules of conduct, we will provide you with an option to report such abuse.

Obligations & Rights 🔏️‍️


An overview of what you should and shouldn't do while using Ripen’s Services. While we encourage you to read the entire section, we'll try to distil it into a few points here. Essentially, you (the user) agree to comply with all the regulations listed by the Company and its third-party service providers. You also consent never to do anything illegal, pay applicable taxes on time, keep sensitive information (Passwords) from being shared, and always prevent data breaches on the Platform.

You shall act in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations and shall not carry out any activity, which is banned, illegal or immoral (while using the Services) or use the Services in any manner which may cause Ripen to be subject to investigation, prosecution or legal action such as trading in contraband items or indulging in activities prohibited by applicable laws. You shall at all times, comply with the guidelines set by Ripen and its third-party service providers.

You shall bear the liability and be responsible for the payment of all applicable taxes and fees. Ripen would not be liable or responsible for the payment of fees in respect of any accounts maintained by you.

You will be solely responsible for protecting your password (for accessing the Platform). You shall also guard your mobile phone number and other account-related information. You shall remain fully and wholly answerable for any unauthorised use of your mobile/laptop email on the Platform. You shall take all precautions as may be feasible – or as may be directed by Ripen – to make sure that there is no breach of security. It helps maintain the integrity of the link between our systems, the Platform, and partners, at all times.

If you suspect that there is incorrect information provided by you to us – you should inform us about this immediately. You can also correct your information with the help of self-help tools/features available on our Platform or you can reach out to us at [email protected]. We will endeavour to correct the error wherever possible on a best-effort basis.


Here's a long~ish section where we divulge things of supreme importance, for all parties involved. It explains what the must-comply duties are for Ripen and what can be considered specific responsibilities of the third parties involved.

Ripen does not warrant the confidentiality or security of the messages, personal or otherwise, transmitted through the Platform. We further make no warranty of any kind concerning the system – its network, function or performance. We provide no representation for any loss, whenever and howsoever, incurred by the user. Any person who may have suffered damage – resulting from or in connection with the Services – will not receive a warranty.

Ripen shall be responsible for the Services directly provided to you. These T&Cs shall govern the delivery and completion of the Services. You acknowledge and agree that the specific data risks shall be governed by the terms governing the relationship between you and the Service Provider.

Registration 📝

To use our Application, you must register with us by creating a User account (“Account”) before accessing any of the Application’s features. When you register for an Account, you must provide your name, email address, mobile number and password, and accept these Terms, the Privacy Policy, and any other policies applicable to your use of the Application.

By registering to use the Application, you represent and warrant that i) you have the necessary capacity and competence to form a binding contract under applicable laws; (ii) as an individual, legal person, or other organisation, you have the full legal capacity and sufficient authorisations to enter into these Terms; (iii) you have not been previously suspended or removed from using our Services; and (iv) your use of our Services will not violate any and all laws and regulations applicable to you, including but not limited to regulations on anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, and counter-terrorist financing.

Ripen App 📱

Access to the App is permitted on a temporary basis, and we reserve the right to withdraw or amend the Services without notice. We will not be liable if for any reason the App is unavailable at any time or for any period. From time to time, we may restrict access to some parts or all of the App. We may from time to time change the rate at which users accumulate tokens or benefits using the App. We may reverse benefits allocated to you if we reasonably consider the circumstances justify a reversal, for example, if they are allocated to you by mistake or if you accumulated them by misusing the App or the Services or in a way that is fraudulent, dishonest or otherwise unacceptable. You are responsible for ensuring your security of access to any digital wallet used by you in connection with the App or the Services. We make no representation and give no warranty that tokens accumulated through the App or the Services will have any particular value or any monetary value at all. You are liable for any loss or diminution value of tokens.

Verification ✅

You agree to provide us with the information we request for the purpose of identity verification. You permit us to keep a record of such information. The information we request may include certain personal information such as your name, address, mobile number, email address, parent’s/guardian’s name, government identification number, and information regarding your bank account and debit/credit card number, or any other information which we are required to obtain as per our policies, requests from authorities or pursuant to legal & regulatory mandates. In providing us with this or any other information that may be required, you confirm that the information is accurate and authentic.

Account Security 🔒

You shall be solely responsible for keeping your Account, backup phrase and password safe and be responsible for all the transactions and activity on your account. We assume no liability for any loss or consequences caused by authorised or unauthorised use of your Account credentials, including but not limited to information disclosure, information release, consent, or third-party links, or because of any disclosure made by you. You agree to strictly abide by all our mechanisms and procedures regarding security, authentication, sending, receiving, and withdrawing.

Your Content in Our Services 📸

Some of our Services allow you to create, upload, submit, save, send or receive content aka User Generated Content (UGC). You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in that content. In short, what belongs to you stays yours.

You acknowledge that such content review may happen at two levels, one - automatically by our content filtering mechanism which can flag text content submitted by you if it violates any of the terms and conditions of this Application or any of the Applicable Laws, and two - by the actions of other users who may report such content to our content moderation team who then acts upon it in accordance with the content regulation policy followed by the content moderation team. When our content filtering mechanism detects or flags off any User Generated Content, then our content moderator may modify, prevent access to, delete, or refuse to display content display such content that we believe violates the applicable laws or these terms and conditions. Please note nothing in the foregoing creates any legal obligation to monitor User Generated Content, and the same may be at our discretion, subject to the applicable laws and terms and conditions.

You can find more information about how Ripen uses and stores content in the Privacy Policyor additional terms for particular Services. If you submit feedback or suggestions about our Services, we may use your feedback or suggestions without obligation to you.

Content Removal, Limitation, Suspension, & Termination of a user account 💡

We can remove any content or information you share on the Application or community (“User Generated Content”) if we believe that it violates these Terms or when we are permitted to do so by any applicable law. Occasionally situations arise where we may need to limit, suspend, or terminate your Account. Account limitation results in a temporary or permanent loss of access to a certain specific part or parts of the Services we offer. Account suspension results in a temporary loss of access to most parts of the Services we offer. Account termination results in permanent loss of access to all Services. As a result of limitation, suspension, or termination, your access to and the withdrawal of money that you have in your Account may be delayed or denied – however, any such instance shall be in compliance with any legal or regulatory mandate only.

We may also remove any User Generated Content when: We receive any notification generated by any other user in respect of User Generated Content provided by you, and upon receipt of which, our content moderation team reviews and decides that it is in violation of these terms and conditions. We shall remove any User Generated Content that violates the applicable laws or any of these terms and conditions within twenty-four (24) hours from the receipt of such a report;

We receive any notification generated by any other user in respect of your use of the Application or your activity conducted on the Application being malicious, abusive, harmful or offensive or violative of these terms and conditions in any manner.

We have the right to limit, suspend, or terminate your account or access to the services that we provide if: We have a reason to believe that you have acted in violation of these Terms or applicable laws or regulations or if we have a reason to believe that any content or material submitted or shared by you in or through the Services violates these Terms or applicable laws or regulations or third-party rights;

We suspect that you use the Services to engage in, attempt to engage in, or in connection with fraudulent activity, money laundering, terrorist financing or other crime;

We have not been able to verify your identity or we have reason to believe that you have supplied false, misleading or deceptive information in connection with your registration, identity verification, trades or any other use of our Services, either to us or to another user;

We are required to do so under any applicable law, regulation or order issued by an authority or court;

We receive any notification generated by any other user in respect of your use of the Application or your activity conducted on the Application being malicious, abusive, harmful or offensive or violative of these terms and conditions in any manner, pursuant to which the content moderation team may limit or terminate your access to the Application, without any right of appeal;

You make available content or behave in a way that defames, invades privacy, stalks, is obscene, pornographic, racist, abusive, harassing, threatening or offensive;

If you use the services in a manner which may cause the Services to be interrupted or damaged in such a way that the functionality of the Services is in any way impaired or attempt to bypass or break any security mechanism of the Services or If Ripen believes in good faith that such action is reasonably necessary to protect the security of its Services or its property or brand or the security, property and rights of its users or those of third parties;

Attempt any unauthorised access to user accounts or any part or component of the Service.

We will give you notice of any limitation, suspension, or termination of your Account but we may, if it is reasonable to do so (for example we consider it advisable for security reasons), limit, suspend, or terminate your account without prior notice to you.

You acknowledge that our decision to limit, suspend, or terminate your Account, may be based on confidential criteria that are essential to our risk management and security protocols and that we are under no obligation to disclose the details of our risk management and security procedures to you unless otherwise provided by the Privacy Policy. In the event that we limit, suspend or terminate your Account we will lift the suspension as soon as possible once the reasons for the suspension or termination no longer exist.

Notice 📋️

How this Company may send or receive a legal notice and the various forms of notice dispatch. Also – on the rare occasion that a user isn’t satisfied with our Services – here’s how they should write in. The Company may give notice to the user, under these T&Cs, electronically to the user's mailbox (regarded as being in writing), or may also deliver the notice by hand or by registered post to the address provided by the user.

In case you need to write to us, do so to the Company address. Our office is at RipenHQ, 837, 3rd Floor, 26th Main, 11th Cross Rd, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

The Company may provide notice of a general nature regarding the Services, Platform and T&Cs, which apply to all users on its Platform. The Company may also employ customised messages sent to the user over their mobile phone via a Short Messaging Service. Such notices are deemed to have been served individually to each user.

Announcements 📢

Please be aware that, unless otherwise specified in these Terms, all announcements, news, promotions, and new services will be listed on the Application. You undertake to refer to these Terms regularly and promptly. Ripen will not be held liable or responsible in any manner to make any compensation should you incur personal losses arising from ignorance or negligence of the announcements.

Disclaimer of Liability ⚠️️

The Platform functions around the clock. Yet, Ripen shall not remain accountable for Service outages during specific scenarios. Our reasons range from natural disasters to your phone getting stolen, and everything in between. Ripen shall not be responsible for any failure on the part of the user to utilise the Services, in case they are not within the geographical range within which the Services are offered.

Further, under no circumstance, shall the Company be held liable if the Services are not available for reasons including but not limited to:

a. Natural calamities

b. Faults in the telecommunication network

c. Legal restraints

d. Other Network failure reasons

e. System error

f. Any other cause beyond our control

The user shall immediately inform the Company either through the self-help tools available on the Platform or by contacting our customer support staff if they have reason to believe that:

a. Their mobile phone number has been allotted to another person

b. There has been an unauthorised transaction in their account

c. Their mobile phone has been lost or compromised.

Indemnity 🔗

If we were in kindergarten, this is the part where we tell you, 'Told you so!'. Forced analogy aside, the long sentence below states that you agree to not hold us liable in a court of law. Mostly if – something goes wrong because of your actions on our App or Platform. In consideration of the Company providing the Services, you agree to indemnify and keep harmless the Company (including its affiliates) from (and against) all actions, claims, demands, proceedings, loss, damages, costs, charges and expenses that the Company may incur, at any time, as a consequence of your acting on or omitting or refusing to act on any instruction(s) given by the Company for use of the Services.

Governing Law 📜

Details of the legal system we abide by – this is implied because we are an Indian organisation, but it’s always best to specifically mention things. These T&Cs and the use of the Services provided by the Company shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of India. The mere fact that a user can access the Services in a country other than India shall not be interpreted to imply that the laws of the said country govern these T&Cs or the Services.

Privacy and Copyright Protection 🗒️

Ripen’sPrivacy Policy explains how we treat your personal data and protect your privacy when you use our Services. By using our Services, you agree that Ripen can use such data in accordance with our privacy policies.

Confidentiality 🔒

What happens in Ripen, stays in… we’re kidding. But, you get the idea, right? Non-public info that users may learn on the Platform is not shareable. Also, in this section, you’ll learn how the Company & its users should deal with court-mandated information requests.

The user agrees not to disclose or attempt to use or personally benefit from any non-public information that they may learn on the Platform or through the use of the Services. This obligation shall continue until – the non-public information becomes publicly known. If a user is compelled by an order of a court or any other legal/statutory authority to divulge any confidential information of the Company (or the Services), the user agrees to notify and cooperate with the Company promptly and diligently, in protecting such data to the extent possible under applicable.

The Company would access, preserve, and disclose the user’s information if required to do so by law, or if the Company believes (in good faith) that it is reasonably necessary for terms of responding to claims asserted against the Company or to comply with legal process; preventing fraud, risk assessment, investigation, user and Platform support, product development, debugging purposes and protecting the rights, property, or safety of the Company (and its affiliates), its users, or members of the public.

Third-Party Services and Links 💼

We don't have control over third-party websites. Ripen shares third-party links on our platform for the user's convenience – but we cannot vouch for their reliability or the content within. Practice caution if you're clicking on a third-party link; Even those found in our Services.

Our Services contain or may contain, links to third-party websites, applications, content, products, services and resources that are not under the control and do not form a part of the Services offered by the Company. We provide these links only for your convenience and the Company makes no representation or warranty of any kind regarding its accuracy, reliability, effectiveness, or correctness and shall not be responsible or liable for any aspect of any such third-party services.

The user acknowledges sole responsibility for reading and understanding the terms and conditions and privacy policy and assumes all risk that applies to their use of any third-party services.

Communication from Ripen 📞

Occasionally, we will contact you to convey critical information. No, we promise not to blitzkrieg your device with notifications. We’ll reach out only when essential. This section is regarding that.

The user agrees to receive alerts, notifications, offers, discounts and other such general communication messages via text messages, push notifications, or by emails, as a part of the user’s use of the Services.

The user shall not hold the Company liable for any loss, damages, claim, or expense, including legal costs that may be incurred or suffered by the user on account of such facility.

The user shall immediately inform the Company if the user observes any error in the information provided in the alert, and we will make the best possible efforts to rectify the error as early as possible.

Rewards 🎁

Yes, we have cool rewards programmes. But it comes with specific stipulations. Including our right to discontinue offers when we choose to, stopping any user from using our Rewards to engage in fraudulent actions and so on. Keep reading.

The Company has an exciting rewards programme for users of the Platform. To participate in the rewards programme of the Company (and win rewards), you agree to these reward-specific T&Cs which are in addition to the general T&Cs of the Company. The rewards could be in any form -including but not limited to: (a) direct cash-back, (b) deposit in a checking account (c) rewards in kind/material.

Your eligibility for the Company's rewards programme is not only based on your compliance with these reward-specific T&Cs. You also must meet the eligibility criteria for each offer. The reward details and individual eligibility T&Cs are on the offers page of the Platform. Offers provided to a particular user may vary from user to user. You agree to read the offer T&Cs applicable to your offer as provided in your Ripen app / Platform account carefully.

Please note that your rewards are contingent on you maintaining an active account on the Platform. If your account has been blocked/frozen/closed for any reason whatsoever, all your existing rewards will be immediately extinguished.

The reward-specific T&Cs form a binding legal agreement between you and the Company. Having said this, please note that this is a discretionary programme of the Company. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to disqualify any user who does not meet the offer requirements to discontinue or change any offer or reward programme at any time. Sometimes, for cause, including but not limited to any misuse of the offer, fraud, suspicious transaction or activity, and under any legal requirement or applicable rules and regulations.

Fees 💸

We believe in complete transparency. There are no hidden fees on our Platform. Our nominal charges, wherever specified, are for the Services. Nevertheless, we do have specific terms regarding them.

As a user of our Platform and our Services, you may incur access or data fees from the Payment Systems Provider or third-party service providers for certain payment transactions. In such a scenario, you would be liable and required to pay the applicable fees.

The Company may, if required by law, change any fee or charge or institute new fees. The user agrees to pay all charges so levied – provided there is an intimation of the prices before the change.

The Company would determine the fee, to be paid by a user in its sole discretion, and any fees charged will be inclusive of all applicable taxes, which the user will be liable to pay.

Miscellaneous Terms 🚀

Just so we’re clear, you also must be aware of our miscellaneous terms before signing up. The Company shall not be liable for any breach of these T&Cs, due to any force-majeure event such as an act of God, fire, lightning, explosion, flood, inclement weather conditions, power failures, failure in any communication systems, equipment breakdown, strikes, lock-out or any other cause beyond the control of the Company. If any part of these T&Cs is determined to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to applicable law, then the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision and the remainder of the T&Cs shall continue in effect.

Contact ☎️

We welcome your feedback, requests, comments or questions regarding these Terms & Conditions. Please email us at [email protected]

Date of Last Revision: November 14, 2022